FUNAI Supplementary Admission List 2024/2025 is out | Check Status Now

The FUNAI supplementary admission list 2024/2025 is out. Candidates who apply to the institution should check their admission status before the acceptance deadline is exceeded. A post on Passbuttons explained the FUNAI admission list for 2024/2025. Check your admission status and probably connect with an admission specialist to help you through your admission process. 

Interestingly, the admission and clearance processes have started in earnest. Going back to the times you got admitted into secondary school and how you were given requirements and procedures on how to become a student of that particular school. You know how stressful that can be. This article is designed to remove the hurdles for prospective FUNAI candidates. 

How to Check FUNAI Supplementary Admission List 2024

 To check your admission status  on the FUNAI supplementary admission list and see if you have been selected among those who will be studying at the prestigious school, follow the steps below;

  •        Head to the FUNAI official website at
  •       Login to your account that was created previously using your username or your jamb registration number and password.
  •       At the top right-hand corner, click on “check admission status”
  •       Click on it and check if you’ve been offered admission.

As soon as you check and see that you’ve been offered admission through your supplementary application, the admission process starts immediately and needs to be done as soon as possible because any delay in the admission process might make the admission invalid or terminated. See how to get admission to FUNAI below if you are not given admission yet.

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However, the best thing that can happen to any student who seeks admission into the tertiary institution is logging into his/her portal and seeing that he/she has been given admission. Moreover, it’s not only about getting admission that matters but connecting to the right persons who will help you grow academically. Let me draw your attention to when you were first admitted into high school, I will say that it wasn’t quite easy but at the end of the day, you were able to make new friends. And that’s how university life is, meeting people with different characters, backgrounds, languages, tribes, and so on.  

FUNAI Supplementary Admission List 2024/2025 Release

The school has recently passed the information for the release of the successful candidates’ supplementary admission list for 2024/2025. It is now accessible to the general public and for you to check your admission status, follow the guides above.

Download FUNAI Supplementary Admission List 2024/2025 on your Mobile Phone or PC

Many students these days find it hard to check their names because of the choice of device. One may think he/she hasn’t been offered admission into the school of choice. Therefore, I’ll be guiding you through how to download the supplementary list as a PDF on your mobile phone or PC for easy checking of names. Follow the steps below;

  • Step 1: Visit the school’s website
  • Step 2: Once opened, check for a “download supplementary list 2024/2025” button and click to download via PDF format.
  • Step 3: Open the downloaded PDF and then check for your name or any other person’s name you think applied for the same supplementary admission.

Facts About FUNAI SUpplementary Admission 2024/2025

Here are some important things to know about FUNAI supplementary admission

  • Candidates who are purchasing and filling out the supplementary form are those whose jamb score didn’t meet up with the school’s cut-off mark and therefore will purchase a supplementary form for you to study another course available.
  • Only candidates whose jamb score didn’t reach the cut-off mark are to purchase the supplementary form.
  • The supplementary form can only be purchased at N2000 only
  • After purchasing the supplementary form and filling out the necessary details, and therefore kindly wait for the list to be out, meanwhile, always visit our website to check for more updates.


Before we conclude this article, you have to know if you have been offered admission via the supplementary admission list that the school has provided and if you can access your portal, therefore I strongly advise that if you have been offered admission you should start up your registration as soon as possible because we’ve head many cases where student lost their admission given to them because they failed to begin their registration immediately, that is why we urge you to always visit your portal frequently to check your admission status or visit our page for more updates on the admission.

 FAQs About FUNAI Supplementary Admission List 2024/2025

 Has FUNAI started giving supplementary admission?

Yes! If you visit our previous post there are guidelines to help you purchase and apply for a supplementary form.

  How do I know if FUNAI has given me admission?

This is simple and not a hard task, just simply log in to your portal which you have created with your jab registration number(username) and password, and then look for the “check admission status” button, and click to see if you have been offered admission or not.

 How much is FUNAI supplementary?

FUNAI supplementary form only costs N2000 and it’s to be done online and not offline.

Has Alex Ekwueme University started giving admission?

Yes! And if you’re able to get the cutoff mark for the course of your choice then you will be given admission but otherwise, it’s best to purchase a supplementary form.

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